Facts about Bipolar Depression

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Bipolar depression also known as Bipolar Manic Depression or Manic Depression is a chronic episodic disease that is related to behavioral fluctuations. This type of depression is a brain disorder. It affects all kinds of people both adults and children. However, women suffer the most from this kind of depression. Bipolar depression usually occurs in the adolescence age or early adulthood and may continue throughout life. It may continue for decades or several years. The main characteristics of bipolar depression are episodes of severe depression and mania. The person normally has mood swings from sad and hopeless to high and irritable to getting back to a normal mood. Get more information about bipolar depression visit website.

It is not that this condition has no cure. Bipolar depression has several effective treatments that have the potential to alleviate the suffering caused by it thus preventing its complications such as loss of a job, breaking relationships, drug or alcohol abuse and maybe a suicide.

Bipolar depression may be fatal to a lot of individuals. It is estimated that approximately two million Americans suffer from this condition and about 1.3% of the adults in Wales and England which may be disastrous to the progress of any nation. It is not only the patient that has to go through the tough and trying phase but also those surrounding them are affected adversely. They also suffer a lot throughout the disturbances caused by the behavior of the individual with this condition. For more information about the bipolar depression , follow the link.

Though it is not confirmed yet, this type of condition is believed to be hereditary in some instances.
Bipolar depression is not bound by age. In some cases, children who were twelve years old were found to be suffering from this illness. Some cases have been treated successfully, but it has not been so in every case.

When one experiences bipolar depression, they feel more than sadness. Most people report feeling actual physical diseases together with the depression such as stomach pain, body aches, flu-like symptoms, headaches and the like. The person does not necessarily understand the feelings behind the bipolar disorder. When people are asked why they are feeling so depressed, they cannot give a direct explanation for their state of mind. Many individuals with bipolar disorder do not even know why they are depressed. Other symptoms of bipolar disorder include a disinterest in things that would normally excite the person like low productivity and a decreased sex drive. Most of them stop taking care of themselves; depression affects their daily activities such that they stop grooming themselves. To read more to our most important info about Bipolar Depression click the link http://www.ehow.com/about_5394884_bipolar-depression-symptoms.html.


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